Our Team and Vision

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"Our Team and Vision"

Stephen J Turner

We have a small dedicated team mainly family members all helping when needed. Now feeding off the experiences I gained in over 5 years at the front line of the funeral business I learnt so much dealing with all aspects of the grieving and bereavement process. Each of our team members bring there own unique skills to make this website happen and become one of kindness, application and respect. So it is thanks to Garry, Les, Megan, Rachel, Ethan and Gabriel for the valuable part they have played over the last few years.

Stephen J. Turner
Proprietor & founder
Art of Wood


In the years that have passed since Stephen has been working and developed his skill producing an ever growing back catalogue of wooden hand crafted products, the vision but not the passion has evolved. With many surrounding influences which have honed in the deep ambitions of what in deep in the mindset which makes us who we are. The passion for the subject matter has always been growing with every day of extra knowledge we gain.

So the vision is now obvious, it is one to work on the respect of our fellow man or being and combined it with creativity within wood and the arts but at the same time helping to protect nature and the environment.

So our vision and ambition is to give back as much as we take with growing and replanting trees and develop the love and enjoyment of the wooden form. Meanwhile respecting those to whom we are grateful too, love and lost but remembered in a unique and very special way.

Welcome to the
Art of Wood Memorials & Remembrance
website for 2024

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